The Sketchbook Project: A book of unfunny owls

So I've finally sent off my contribution to The Sketchbook Project!  My theme was 'Why did the owl make everyone laugh?', so there are lots of bad owl jokes and owls with comedy props to be found.  Fun times!

A lad's lad

One of the other briefs for Jelly.  This is a hilariously-stuck-in-the-90s rooster concept for a tv channel.  His name is Max.  He's a laddy rooster who likes chicks [ha ha] and long legs [ostriches].  The top one is "Max is... The dog's".  Oh dear.

Jolly good


I've been lucky enough to have a short-but-fun internship at Jelly London where I got to work on a few 'real' (!) briefs.  This one was a map of the British Isles using some traditional upbeat phrases.  It comes in tea-stained and non-tea-stained!

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